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Submitted on
May 4, 2013
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Your name is (Full name) and you have known Duelscar since you two were just teenagers. You two had done some stupid stuff together but you enjoyed it. You two became best friends from doing stupid things but now that you both are older you have fallen for him. You fell for him 5 years ago when you two were training. He had fallen on top of you when you slipped back on troll blood. You were tempted to kiss him but you wouldn't dare. He was a higher blood than you after all. But you could never forget that day.

You rode on your lusus toward Duelscar's not really in that much of a rush. Your lusus was a big (type of animal). It walked slowly and calmly. You could hear sudden screams coming from Grand Highblood's. That guy was a freak. Your lusus soon arrived at its stopping point before it was in the killing zone.

You climbed off your lusus and walked into your best friends property. You walked silently and looked around. The wind began to blow strong and you felt eyes staring at you. You grabbed a hold of your sword that was the easiest of your weapons to get a hold of. You hear a sudden gun shot and you look up quickly seeing a beam coming at you.

Duelscar. You blocked the shot with your sword deflecting it. "Nice try Deulfail!" You yell laughing. Duelscar jumped down from the roof of his hive. You grinned and reached for your own gun. What!? Its gone!? "Looking for this?" He asks holding up your gun.

Your eyes widen and you growl. He chuckles and you launch at him swinging your sword. He moves to the side and you fly passed him falling. Man your a so clumsy! He laughs at you and you jump up. You attack again and he grabs your hand. He swings you forward then shoves you down.

You cut yourself not even realizing it then quickly get up slipping away from him. Your blood starts to drip on the floor and you go to attack him again. You end up slipping and you grab a hold of him pulling him down with you. You hit your back hard on the floor just to have him fall on top of you.

You groan squeezing your eyes closed from pain. You open your eyes finding yourself staring at Duelscars' lightly blushing face. You blush also realizing he's laying on you. This probably would be a good time to tell him your feelings by kissing him. Then again if he doesn't except you he could just kill you. Might as well keep it quiet.

"(Name)? Are you ok?" Duelscar asks. You snap to reality when you hear Duelscar's voice coming from in front of you. Your sitting in a park on a bench with a drawing journal in your lap. Could you be any dumber? Just sitting in the middle of a park drawing while remembering that dumb day!

You look down to see what you were drawing and- Oh my gog. What is wrong with you!? You had drawn a picture of Duelscar with his sexy smile and his beautiful body shirtless. You quickly shut your book blushing hoping Duelscar didn't see it. "H-Hey Duelscar! Your late." You say.

He scratches behind his head and looks away. "Sorry... I got caught up. So we going to get that drink of what?" He asks. You nod and get up. "Ya lets go." You say. You both walk away and from the park.
Ok so I was bored and made this. If you peeps want a part 2 I will make it. But you gotta ask. The preview picture I don't own but think of it as the picture you drew. X3

Dualscar: :iconandrewhussieplz:
You: :icondualscarplz:
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Thekoalaoverlord Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
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heelllllll yeeeeahhhhhhh
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